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E. BOOKS Now Available

Our quality monthly magazine may be purchased by posting a cheque or money order to 9 Janthina Cres, Heathridge Western Australia 6027 12 months subscription $40.00 Australia only



You may purchase an E Book by posting $5.00 Australian Dollars to:

The Rare Budgerigar Club Of W.A

9 Janthina Cres, Heathridge

Western Australia




Please supply your name,

E-mail address

and the books of your choice.

The E Book will be e-mailed to you within 7 days.



E Books are original articles and cover written by experienced breeders:

*The Pet Budgerigar

*Pied varieties

*Breeding Clearwings

*Breeding Albino

*Breeding Lutino

*Diet for breeding room and aviaries

*Why and wherefores of fostering

*What to look for when purchasing a bird

*Breeding Texas Clearbodies.



New titles will be available each month


Available soon a complete book on budgerigars

Dare To Breed Rare by Judy Higgins and Betty Rea due to be published by the end of 2004 containing more information on breeding rare varieties, things you need to know about breeding, how to care for your birds, genetics, colour reproduction and much more


Judy Higgins and Betty Rea write articles for the Australian newspaper called Talking Birds available from most Newsagencies which covers all birds.

For any information regarding E Books, please contact the President.
Email and phone numbers are on the contact page.