The Rare Budgerigar Club of W.A inc A new club with new ideas for the future

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A very Rare variety of Crest known as a Hellicopter


Our name is: The Rare Budgerigar Club of W.A inc
We are the largest budgie club in W.A, we were formed in Feburary 2002, after we found a great need for people of all ages, to get together and talk and learn all there is to know about budgies. We will teach you how to exhibit, what is a show budgerigar, how to care for a budgie, the many colours and varieties there are available today, how to breed and what to breed to achieve your goal.
We pride ourselves on being a very friendly club with no politics.
We hold meetings where you can come and talk about everything to do with budgies.
We have a library were you can borrow a book FREE.
A buddy system set up so you have a friend to assist you at all times.
Our monthly magazine is full of information posted to every member
If you own one or one hundred budgies we will teach you all you need to know, why not come to a meeting and see if you would like to join our club